Your Joyful Journey awaits. 


Join us for a weekend of self-care and filling up your cup. 

Susan and Julie

Retreat to find peace and space to dream.

Why Retreat with Us

      Pull back from the day-to-day to regain perspective and experience a refreshed spirit.

      Exploring beauty is healing. Being in community with like-minded others is joy multiplied.

     A chance to recommit to what matters most to you personally in a safe, beautiful and creative space.

Our Story

It started as a shared dream.


We met through meditation teacher training. Bonds were formed over the intense shared experience.


We decided it would be more fun to pull our resources and talents together to create and host retreats Internationally. The business name arrived quickly during an afternoon planning session. We agreed to marinate on our plan and think about our personal goals.


The vision for creating and hosting mindfulness meditation and well-being retreats gained momentum. And we decided to test drive our first retreat in the Texas Hill Country, March, 2019. It was a dream come true. We crafted a plan, set-up our social media platform, and welcomed a beautiful group of women to our first retreat.


The three of us agreed from the beginning of this dreamy dream that joy is a top priority. The planning and the execution are the fun part…the joyful part. Building a solid business plan, and executing the multitude of behind the scene details is not for everybody, and after some thoughtful consideration, our Canadian chick decided that her hands were full, managing her busy meditation business and farm. She wishes us well, and hopes to continue supporting 3 Chicks Meditating as a guest presenter.

And so, the original dream is evolving, and who can say what’s ahead for us. We know that we love each other dearly, support each other's personal growth and journeys.

I expected to set an intention for my weekend and it worked!


The chicks have vast knowledge and each has her strengths. Meditation is new to me and I came away with new skills and insights.



I loved the bowls and learning to chant. That really surprised me!


The chicks are warm, smart and proactive!



The chicks are wonderful individually, and magic together.



Our next Joyful Journey of 2019

leads us to a peaceful and magical

Sedona, AZ

November 15-18, 2019


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